A guardian of Fire Island steps back

Over 20 years, Gerard Stoddard has earned a

Photo credit: STEVE PFOST/ Newsday

Newsday, July 19, 2011

In 1987, Gerard Stoddard was on the board of the Fire Island Association when he was made chairman of a committee charged with finding a president for the organization.

They searched, but no one volunteered. So Stoddard stepped forward. “Nobody would do it,” he said. “I found it fascinating.”


Brentwood violence: 4 friends, three dead

Lynell Wright, 26, of Brentwood, talks about his

Photo credit: Patrick E. McCarthy | Lynell Wright, 26, of Brentwood, talks about his three best friends who have all died. (Oct. 21, 2010)

Newsday, November 2, 2010

Lynell Wright walks slowly down Brentwood’s Barber Street, his eyes fixed on the white and brick home where he and his three best friends spent much of their free time during childhood. When he closes his eyes, he can still see the four of them running around the block.

But the sweet memories fade quickly when Wright, 26, opens his eyes. His three friends – Arthur “Tugga” Ward, Genis “Pras” Walker, and Alexander “Aaron” Moore – are all dead.


Network of care for LIers; Patients, families find comfort and support by sharing stories on Internet

Amanda Marsh, 27, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins

Photo credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan | Amanda Marsh, 27, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma five years ago and is now in remission talked about how her blog and other social media avenues helped her cope with her illness. (May 26, 2010)

Newsday, June 8, 2010

When Amanda Marsh was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 22, she sought refuge and comfort in the things that allowed her to live outside her hospital room: the building’s dial-up Internet, the blog she kept, and her readers who became like a family.


Couple’s deaths haunt sons, detectives

Joginder Singh, right, in his Bethpage home with

Photo credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

Newsday, March 22, 2011


Josh Singh last saw his mother alive when he and his younger brother left for school on a winter day four years ago.

Geeta Singh was standing outside their home in Syosset, calling to him to wear a jacket.

Hours later, when Josh, then 13, and his brother, Ankur, 12, returned home, they came upon a gruesome scene. Both parents had been shot. Later, the kids would discover from police that the couple had died. It was Jan. 23, 2007.

“I kept thinking, why them?” Josh Singh said recently. “They were good people who did everything for their kids.”