Ron Davis

Jordan Davis’ parents talk about the future and gun laws

USA TODAY, February 25, 2014

By Yamiche Alcindor

The parents of Jordan Davis hope to protect the late teen’s legacy, change stand-your-ground laws across the country and bring out more of their son’s character in his killer’s retrial, the pair told USA TODAY.

Lucia McBath, 53, of Atlanta, and Ron Davis, 60, of Jacksonville, have been on a mission motivated by grief since losing their 17-year-old son. A hung jury and unauthorized use of Jordan Davis’ name and photo has now added fuel to their efforts to impact gun laws and racial discrimination.

However, some, including Mark O’Mara, the former attorney for George Zimmerman, say changing stand-your-ground laws will do little to impact systemic and societal prejudices.

“We want America and the world to acknowledge that this act was unconscionable,” Ron Davis told USA TODAY of his son’s murder. ” You (Michael Dunn) should not have shot our 17-year-old baby. He was defenseless. He had no gun or anything. You took it upon yourself to end his life and we want you to pay for that.” (more…)